The Forgotten Trionfi Della Luna Animal Pack

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

An unreleased set of “Creature/Animal Cards” tucked deep on an old hard drive.... these are a few of 21 trumps that were intended to go with the Trionfi Della Luna Tarot back in 2016. They were based on old Belgium Animal decks from c.1800.

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  • Hi. Is this available yet or is this still a work in progress? Any idea when it will be released?

    Thanks for all of your great art!

    Brandon on
  • I am intrigued by these cards and I believe I received one of them along side with my deviant tarot deck, the one I received is XIX and appears to be a legendary looking pink pony. I really appreciate this kind of art and emotion behind creating these cards, thank you.

    Adam D Cottillion on

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