BUYER BEWARE: Counterfeit Decks

Posted by Patrick Valenza on


Buyer Beware!

Counterfeit Trionfi della Luna decks have been popping up all over Ebay and Amazon. (as well as Ali Express and others)

Please note: we do not sell these decks on those platforms. If you spot one there, then you know it is a cheap fake.

Low price + crap quality.

Don't be fooled

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem throughout the tarot community. It hurts the creators, the publishers, and the consumers.

Please don't support this theft.

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  • Thank you for the info. I absolutely love my little Secret Pocket Oracle. I will only purchase from your website and I’m regretful this is happening to you. You have a loyal customer in me and I’ll report back to you if I see fakes.
    Thank you for your artistry and magick.
    ~Raven Moon

    Raven Moon on
  • I think it is really disgusting making fake decks ! I want the deck creator to get the money they so well deserve ! It is getting really bad to! It used to be just Ebay and AliExpress now you can’t trust Amazon or Etsy either. Amazon has gone down hill since Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO. I only go to the creators website now. If it is appears much cheaper on other websites it is a fake 🤨

    Dawn on
  • You can check if Deviant Moon is fake if it does not have US Games logo or a book then its fake. Trionfi della Luna is NOT sold on amazon, ebay or anywhere but here.

    Uncle on
  • Actually the deck with borders i bought from Amazon Uk us more expensive than here but it’s not available here which is why I got from Amazon. Is that fake????

    Rania on
  • Are all decks in Amazon fake?
    I ordered the borderless edition from Swedish Amazon, sold and sent by them, and not cheaper either. But is that a counterfeit then? :-/. Very thankful if I could get a response because I don’t want a fake and will purchase one from you in that case.

    Jenny on

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