BEASTIES Coloring Book

Posted by Patrick Valenza on


Menagerie of Madness

Get your markers, color pencils, and crayons ready for action!


Fenwood Asylum is looking into the possibility of producing a small print run of coloring books for your obsessive enjoyment!


Our first coloring book will feature 30-40 assorted beasts showcased in their native environments. It will likely be available on Amazon worldwide, and we hope to have it ready in the next two months.


More info to follow!

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  • Yes please! I own about 200+ coloring books for adults and there is seriously something so relaxing and satisfying about coloring. I also would love to try and crochet one of Patrick’s fantastic beasties, and send it to him as a gift. Because all of his decks call to me in my soul. And I gotta collect them all! Including such a great idea as a coloring book! Will they be printable? I hope so! But either way I’ll be buying the book to keep but I won’t color in it. I’ll copy and color to keep it pristine. I still have a signed copy from Patrick of his tarot book. And I love it so much I bought another one that wasn’t signed to keep the signed one safe. Yay! I’m excited.

    Lexi on
  • Oh I cannot wait to see this book! Glad it will be available to download so I can use my own paper. Maybe release a pack of 5 and see how it goes? And we can get started on coloring! :)

    Shyla on
  • Beasties . Can’t wait. London needs this fun from . Patrick’s awesome imagination and talent .

    Roz on
  • Will it be available on the website too? I dont love ordering from Amazon, so much counterfeit 🥲

    Bella on
  • I am going to need a stack of them – how fun!

    Viola on

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