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Deviance for the Whole Family! So, these pirate decks keep popping up all over Amazon and Ebay....Buyer Beware! These counterfeits are small size and horrible quality. If you see them for a very low price with free shipping from China, will be ripped off.
We ordered a deck just to see and compare and will be putting up a video shortly. This problem is not just with the Deviant Moon deck, but nearly ALL popular decks out today. In the meantime, find authentic products right here at Fenwood Asylum!

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  • I noticed lots of different sellers but chose one that sounded genuine, however, the cards were never delivered and Amazon are refunding me. In the Uk, how can I be sure to buy a genuine deck? Thanks.

    Elaine MacKenzie on
  • I bought a deck on Etsy, naively thinking this couldn’t happen there, because I couldn’t afford the shipping from here. They are in fact kind of small and super thin and I feel so bad for financing those thieves. I will definitely buy the deck again directly from this website as soon as I can afford it. I love your work!

    Maria on
  • Je viens de recevoir mon tarot, commandé sur amazon, le vendeur est US Games. Je trouve les cartes vraiment beaucoup trop fines. La qualité n’y est pas du tout. Mais je ne sais pas si ce sont des imitations ou pas. Certains jeux, sont très fin dans la fabrication…
    Je viens de commander 2 oracles ici, j’espère que ce sera différent. (si j’avais su que j’allais craquer pour ces 2 oracles, j’aurais profité des frais de port pour acheter également le tarot ici !)

    Alain on
  • This is why I usually try to buy from the creator only.

    selkie on
  • Argh! This boils my blood and not in a good way :P I actually contacted this guy on eBay saying if he could supply me with a Mildred set.. just to wait for the reply so I can throw some abuse his way. Not usually one to make a big deal but when it is obviously someone’s hard work out there being cheapened and used… sorry nup… Albeit I am an amateur, I am an artist too and there is nothing worse. I am sorry this is happening.
    I just purchased my French deck and I am very happy to pay for them what they are worth and was stoked with the discount!

    Paige Alexander on

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