How to Spot a Fake Deviant Moon Deck

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

Buyers beware! We get emails every other day on average from folks requesting the Deviant Moon PDF guide because the “QR code printed on the deck is not working”. Our response is always that you have unknowingly purchased a counterfeit deck and you should demand a refund from the seller.”

In the hopes of bringing more awareness to this criminal issue, we want to show you what to look out for regarding fake Deviant Moon Decks.

Please know that this is a widespread problem in the tarot community and it affects nearly all tarot creators. Both small indie creators and prominent publishing houses. I have spoken to quite a few who expressed that they will likely be moving on to other things and will no longer produce their decks, as it is not worth the time and effort to create such work only to have it stolen with no recourse.

For the Deviant Moon fakes, there is the notorious QR code. Authentic decks published by US Games include a proprietary LWB (Little White Booklet)

Also, authentic decks have “Borderless” and my name on the front box. The fakes also omit the US Games logo and ISBN number.

Size is much smaller. Not only are the colors horribly muddy, but the images are squashed to fit on the smaller cards. Check out the Moon and the card backs, for example. An oval moon? Really?

Please, on behalf of the entire tarot community, do not support this garbage. If this continues and more artists cease to create or if new creators are deterred from sharing their gifts, the quality of decks will certainly diminish in the future, leaving mostly cheap products and stale mediocrity.

Thanks, as always, for your support.


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  • Hello!This is the link provided on the cover card to reach the LWB but it leads to the page with warnings about fake decks. I am pretty sure that my deck (Paradoxical blue with the Beast pack ) is not fake. I would be really grateful if you provided me vith the Guide book containing the information about the beasrs.

    Natalya on
  • Bought this deck at a farmers market few weeks back. Went through it to look for the guidebook and the little card said to download the LWB. Once i read the article i couldn’t believe it then it made sense once i read other reviews. i feel ripped off and terrible for the original creator and artist. i WILL NOT USE THIS FAKE RIPOFF. I despise false claims on art and craft work that isn’t given credit where it deserves. i will take note and let others to beware of fakes and scams. I’m going to the seller at the same farmers market and getting my hard earned money back.

    Thank you for your contribution to the community of mediums and tarot readers.

    halcyon on
  • I think one thing to remember is “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Research the wholesale prices of a deck from a reputable US-based seller’s site. The prices for the authentic decks are pretty consistent -/+ $5. If you find a new deck for a really low price, it is almost certainly a fake.

    MJB on
  • So sorry your wonderful art is being pirated. It would be great to see the second edition of the Zammer Twins Oracle on linen or matte card stock. I would buy another copy!

    Krys on
  • Hello I’m realy sorry and didnt know how eles to let you know (if your not already aware) that this deck is being sold on shein 😤 it makes me so mad that they can just do this to people.

    Siouxsie on

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