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So we finally got one of the counterfeit Trionfi Della Luna decks in our hands today. In comparing these rip offs from China to the authentic deck, we can see the fakes are much smaller and of low quality. The colors are muddy and muted and the deck gives off a definite toxic smell that left us with a headache.

This problem is beyond rampant in the tarot industry and many well known artists like myself have considered not making any more decks in the future. Why would anyone if they knew these vultures were waiting for the release to steal the work and counterfeit it. Would you do a massive amount of work only to have someone steal any deserved compensation from you?

What’s worse are some who say they don’t care and even thank the counterfeiters! Why would anyone even want to read with a deck with such empty energy in the first place?

(QR Coodes are a dead givaway!)

Things to look out for:

A QR code (we get emails daily from folks saying the QR code is broken and then request a working link to the PDF. Sorry, but we don’t use QRs. You may with to get your money back on that fake deck)

Small size

Strange titles on listings on eBay/Amazon/Etsy/ect (Family fun /party game)

Be aware that MOST tarot decks sold on eBay/Amazon ect. are fake.

All of our Indie decks are ONLY sold on our website. Nowhere else.

So I ask you, on behalf of all tarot creators out there to please not support this the thievery.

Thank you for your support,


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  • Oh I forgot to say in my previous comment that I am going to purchase right now your Borderless Deviant moon on Amazon.

    Rosario on
  • Hello, I am also sorry this occurs and brings your art in a bad perspective but, I was looking for the original, I live in Belgium, 3rd edition costs now around 70 euro plus shipping, which from The Netherlands, the closest shop, is around 10 to 14 euro. Do you think everybody can afford this? I don’t think so. Now to be honest, I have a great collection but never paid so much for one deck only, though all of my decks are from Lo Scarabeo or US Games, last ones are lately mass produced in China and have zero quality. I found the copy of your Trionfi on a chinese website ten days ago and they arrived today and I can assure you that what you describe about bad odor and colors of the cards is absolutely not true. I have received the edition with 7 different devil cards, very cool and one extra judgement card. I find that for the price I have paid for this deck, the quality is above all expectations. Further, Amazon sells officially, sold and dispatched by Amazon, only original decks, but they have sellers from China there which ask also sometimes a lot of money for their decks but, if buyers are so stupid to pay 40 euro for a fake copy, that’s their problem. I am sorry you have to hear from me that I owe now a counterfeit of your Trionfi but, please consider that all this rage about tarot decks all over the world that makes every interesting deck sell ou in minutes, and after people that want a copy have to purchase it for 4 times the original price because some buyers buy more decks at once to sell them back after they are sold out and make a business out of that, should also be considered as criminal. If all deck producers, indepent or not, should only allow one purchase at the time per person, this would not happen and more people could buy a deck without having to sell first their underwear…

    Rosario on
  • Hey Patrick,
    I am truly sorry to hear of the fake deck situation. That’s just cruel and anyone who purchases them will leave bad reviews because their decks aren’t authentic and thus gives bad readings, which then makes people not want to buy the authentic decks. When I first came upon the deviant moon tarot deck who a friend owned, I was so infatuated by the art. It called to me. So I wrote down the name. And came here to this site. I purchased my first deviant moon deck, which now looks like it’s very very old, I mean the cards are still perfect and stuff but the box is badly beat up. I got a signed card from Mr. Valenza himself, and saw that the book for the cards was on its way as well. Obviously I jumped on that real fast, and my book came signed as well! But then I saw on Amazon the same book for cheaper, so I figured why not grab a second copy to use to keep the signed one in good condition. Well, I received the Amazon copy and to my dismay I realized it wasn’t authentic. I compared them and was horrified to see how dull, how flimsy and inexpensive, low quality it was. I think I even emailed Mr. Valencia about it, or I meant to. Anyway I returned the book, and I left a comment saying the book was fake and to go to the website instead to buy the real one. And since then I will only buy from deviant moon site.
    I actually came here to download the LWB! Unfortunately this is the page that came up and so I thought I would leave my experience with fakes.
    But, Mr. Valenza,if you happen to see this would you mind sending me a copy of the LWB!? And I would absolutely love to see a complete physical book to purchase from your site as your deviant moon tarot book is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring, and explains each card so well, that I study it still to this day to understand this amazing deck. And I have purchased the abandoned oracle, Mildred, and now I just received the 999, and the Trionfi Della Luna full spectrum deck which I am holding right now and wow, it is like Patrick made this deck specifically for me! It is beautiful and I have already connected to them, very attached. The 999 oracle is also incredible. I am a huge Patrick Valenzuela fan! Please do not stop making your decks Patrick, that would be so devastating. It is just the way the world is now and your real fans will know to come straight here, and never anywhere else. And knowing the people who buy the fakes will never truly know their cards and will never get perfect readings from them, and that knowledge is a teeny bit comforting but not ideal.
    I empathize with Patrick, as well as all authors and artists and anyone who creates anything, only to have it stolen from them and redistributed by fake sellers. I create music and I would be devastated if I put my music out there only for it to be stolen and someone else uses my lyrics in their own songs.
    It’s awful that someone would go out of their way to buy your decks, and reprint them, to sell cheaper. But I believe things like this happens for a reason and I know this will one day be resolved.

    So anyway, I urge Mr. Valenza to continue his art and work and keep creating for us, the true deviant fans, and also more books! Oh please more books! Physical books! Like the gorgeous deviant moon tarot book that I read everyday. Having the physical copy has been such an amazing and helpful gift to help me read the cards better. In the meantime, how do I get the LWB?!
    Your most dedicated deviant,

    Allie Marie on
  • Hello I want to download little white book how can I do it?

    Maksim on
  • I can’t find the link for the LWB. Please help.

    Kai on

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