Zammer Twin's Update and Behind the Scenes

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Bound by the lure of love.
Our dark beauty.
This is the final spoiler image before the release of the Zammer Twin's Oracle.
All the remaining “restorations” will continue in the utmost secrecy!

Additionally, we have increased the bonus cards for deck reservations from 4 to FIVE v1 prototypes, + the “Z” card.

Thanks for your patience while we finish the last cards and prep the deck for final printing.

With the last few cards to complete, final touch-ups, and preparation for printing, it looks like it will run into early-mid May at this point, but we are confident the extra wait time will be worth it!

Thanks again for your patience.

Behind the scenes:

This deck made me grow big time. It started as a woodblock-styled project, but after nearly completing the deck, I felt like it didn’t capture the spirit of the Zammer Twins or look like something they’d create back in 1767. It also looked too much like the Trionfi Della Luna.

The second incarnation was to incorporate more of an engraved style. This was a much better approach, but as I learned the technique and started to get the hang of it, the early cards in this new style were nowhere near the quality of the later cards. So, I had to go back and recreate them to match.

Well, after that, I thankfully started to advance even more. At this point, I will let the deck progress as it wants to, and when you finally see the deck in person you will clearly see the progression in style. It’s a styled mix of engraving, texture collage, photography, and tons of digital painting.

The average time per card ranged from 15-20 hours, with a few hitting over 50. Many were directly influenced by medieval manuscripts such as the “Splendor Solis” and the “Aurora Consurgens”, but with a twist here and there. I always thought such imagery would make amazing cards. It was a great experience reimagining them for this deck.

Thanks for your patience with the unexpected twists and turns in creating this deck, and for allowing extra time for the process. I know we estimated a March release, and now we’re in April heading towards May, but when it finally does arrive in your home in just a few more weeks you will have a unique deck with mysterious adventures to tell!

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  • Stunning and captivating, I was mesmerized.

    Adriana on
  • She is so beautiful! I could have watched this for hours! Thanks for showing the process!

    Aldona on

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