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So we finally got one of the counterfeit Trionfi Della Luna decks in our hands today. In comparing these rip offs from China to the authentic deck, we can see the fakes are much smaller and of low quality. The colors are muddy and muted and the deck gives off a definite toxic smell that left us with a headache.

This problem is beyond rampant in the tarot industry and many well known artists like myself have considered not making any more decks in the future. Why would anyone if they knew these vultures were waiting for the release to steal the work and counterfeit it. Would you do a massive amount of work only to have someone steal any deserved compensation from you?

What’s worse are some who say they don’t care and even thank the counterfeiters! Why would anyone even want to read with a deck with such empty energy in the first place?

(QR Coodes are a dead givaway!)

Things to look out for:

A QR code (we get emails daily from folks saying the QR code is broken and then request a working link to the PDF. Sorry, but we don’t use QRs. You may with to get your money back on that fake deck)

Small size

Strange titles on listings on eBay/Amazon/Etsy/ect (Family fun /party game)

Be aware that MOST tarot decks sold on eBay/Amazon ect. are fake.

All of our Indie decks are ONLY sold on our website. Nowhere else.

So I ask you, on behalf of all tarot creators out there to please not support this the thievery.

Thank you for your support,


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  • The most amazing part of owning one of your decks is the PDF with the card meanings. Your knowledge of tarot and the historical meaning of the cards is above and beyond what most deck creators can offer in the way of instruction books. I have a large deck collection and often gift people your decks. Working with this deck and guide improved my knowledge of tarot dramatically. I did order a Chinese knock off recently as I didn’t elect to buy the original color of the yet. I was just going to use it for study with my printed guide. The desk by my recliner is cat central, cats, coffee, what could possibly go wrong? I just didn’t want to risk leaving my good decks laying around while I study. I don’t think any of the Chinese decks compete with owning a legit deck of any kind. Mostly its because they miss out on the accompanying books and definitions. They are basic decks for poor people to learn with regardless of the pictures printed on them. Until those people can afford good decks, there will be a market for cheap Chinese stuff. My family is in Rent-to-Own and our customers are poor and they would have to choose the Chinese decks. I’d feel bad for them if they didn’t. Those decks are just promotional to those of us lucky enough to be able to afford quality decks. Those who have to use those decks exclusively would simply do without if there were no cheap Chinese decks, or buy only one mass market tarot deck, wear it out and pick up another like playing card decks. No one is getting filthy rich off the poor, not even Rent-to-Own companies, and we are sometimes the only people who let them have a stove or refrigerator. But perhaps they will see it and save up for a real copy of the deck one day.

    Rita DeZarn on
  • Hello Jeff:)
    Spirit has made me aware of the MASS COUNTERFEITING of decks from China & the ugly truth of how these Chinese mafia rings operate. Counterfeit decks are the MOST profitable black market industry in the world, having surpassed drugs & weapons. And all of this goes to fund sex trafficking on a global scale. I had felt inspired to start collecting decks, wanted to start a YouTube channel as a reader & psychic and I’m also an artist. I too have now given up on my dream of creating decks because I am so overwhelmed with not just the idea of my art being massively stolen on a global scale but also essentially contributing to human slavery. What are the big publishers doing about this? Why isn’t Amazon, eBay, google all being held accountable for encouraging this mass rape on multiple levels? I want to be a part of a platform so big that the whole world can hear & see the false light. Because at this rate, an entire spiritual & artistic community is experiencing fast extinction. There are even multiple counterfeit wholesalers that only sell counterfeit decks to ignorant shop owners. When will it all end?! I pray almost every day that the energy will shift on a global scale & that talented artists like yourself will continue to have the FREEDOM to create their visions of inspiration. Please I want to know what I can do past consumer awareness🙏

    Lora-Jean on
  • Thank you for sharing this important information. I have seen some ersatz decks sold on Amazon and Etsy, and it has really ticked me off to know that tarot deck creators are losing sales to counterfeiters. As Patrick stated, why would someone want to work with the empty (or negative) energy of an ill-produced deck? I often give thanks to the artist even when just pulling one card, and the creative vision they’ve shared. I wish there was a better way to fight back than the current whack-a-mole system of reporting individual product listings.

    Shaina on
  • Thank you so much Patrick for such a wonderful article, pointing out the fakes, that seem to be so numerous these days! Fakes are also much cheaper than the real deal. I always do my best to be careful about buying a tarot deck. I really appreciate you bringing up this subject, as it is very important to not only people buying decks, but also the creators of tarot decks…I would hate to see any of them quit creating what I love the most, Tarot Decks. I appreciate all of the love, work, and energy you, and other creators of tarot decks that is put into each creation. Love your work, and your decks!

    Vicky R. on
  • You’re the second deck artist I’ve seen talking about this in the space of a few days. And there are plenty of others. It’s insanely out of hand. Something’s got to give, I just hate for it to be you guys.

    Stella on

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