Zammer Oracle Update

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UPDATE: So we were ready to submit the Zammer Oracle for printing this week so the deck would be ready to ship around mid-March, but we definitely see that the later cards are far superior to the early ones.

This tends to happen when creating a body of work with so many images over time that one (hopefully) improves on technique. In this case, we really want to go back to a few of the first cards and totally redo them from scratch to match.

Although this will delay the release of the deck a bit, it’s all for the better in the end. For those who already preordered, we hope you don’t mind and would be willing to accept a delay into April.

This will give our scientists time to bring you the best version of the deck possible.

Thanks, as always, for your support and patience! Sincerely, Patrick

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  • How do I sign up and pay to get this new Oracle deck? I am a bit confused, Sorry—Carol Fulton

    Carol Fulton on
  • Just found out about this wonderful deck. Can I still pre order a deck?

    maria on
  • Disturbing Cabinet Cards,publishing this again plz ! super love it but i can not find any copy in CHINA . SAD

    Lin on
  • I’m totally fine waiting for the perfect deck!

    Summer on
  • Hi
    I preordered new deck Zammer Oracle deck. Was wondering if I am still preordered to buy? It’s taking a bit for preorder which I totally understand. I’m excited to get new deck. love Patrick’s work. I have a few decks and Hard back copy to go with deviant deck.. well worth the price on both.
    Please let me know at your earliest convenience

    Rachel Derrick on

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