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So we finally got one of the counterfeit Trionfi Della Luna decks in our hands today. In comparing these rip offs from China to the authentic deck, we can see the fakes are much smaller and of low quality. The colors are muddy and muted and the deck gives off a definite toxic smell that left us with a headache.

This problem is beyond rampant in the tarot industry and many well known artists like myself have considered not making any more decks in the future. Why would anyone if they knew these vultures were waiting for the release to steal the work and counterfeit it. Would you do a massive amount of work only to have someone steal any deserved compensation from you?

What’s worse are some who say they don’t care and even thank the counterfeiters! Why would anyone even want to read with a deck with such empty energy in the first place?

(QR Coodes are a dead givaway!)

Things to look out for:

A QR code (we get emails daily from folks saying the QR code is broken and then request a working link to the PDF. Sorry, but we don’t use QRs. You may with to get your money back on that fake deck)

Small size

Strange titles on listings on eBay/Amazon/Etsy/ect (Family fun /party game)

Be aware that MOST tarot decks sold on eBay/Amazon ect. are fake.

All of our Indie decks are ONLY sold on our website. Nowhere else.

So I ask you, on behalf of all tarot creators out there to please not support this the thievery.

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  • It’s simple. Do your damn homework people! Google this stuff before buying and get from the creator’s site whenever possible. I don’t care if you’re broke. Get a used cheap mass market RWS to study then, and save up for the real deal. Stop making excuses to keep buying that fake Chinese sh!t. Period. That’s on the buyer, NOT the creators who suffer from the public’s willful ignorance. Pisses me off that we may lose future amazing works because of this. There are TONS of YT, IG and FB posts about spotting fake decks so there is NO excuse anymore. It’s just laziness and ignorance. Both can be fixed.

    Stephanie on
  • Just wondering if you run this Etsy store: ?

    Simon on
  • This is the link provided on the cover card to reach the workbook but instead it’s just warnings about fake decks. I understand the important of this but how do I reach the workbook information?

    Aimee Lebow on
  • Although Amazon doesn’t, as a rule, permit you to review things you didn’t buy, occasionally they slip up and don’t remove a review. When (poor naive little fool I am, I almost said “if”!) I see counterfeit decks I leave a review calling them out as fake…

    Steve Craftman on
  • Honestly I have bought some of the counterfeit decks to try & am going back to purchase the full sized & authentic from the authors ones thanks to the counterfeit ones I bought to test. I hate to have anything happens to my favorite decks. Also alot of these I had never heard of before Mercari, Amazon or Temu. The energy & feel is different however I like them for travel since I have less concern about damaging my good decks. Never heard of the other issues with tarot decks funding such issues. I do read with mine & I look forward to buying all of yours thanks to having gotten to test them on the smaller less quality decks. I wish most artists had double sets with a travel deck & a full sized one. Sorry that it hurts you artists! Honestly I thought I had bought from the original artist.

    Tarot reader Wolfmother Winter on

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