Tarot Deck Resurrections in the Fenwood Laboratory!

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

The Fenwood Scientists are busy in the Laboratory...they are currently resurrecting a rare Tarot de Marseilles from 1850!
 (The card images will be left “as is”, with no real rework in this exclusive restoration. We are keeping the deck crude and natural, so to speak.)
~After all, the deck is 170 years old~
Available soon in extremely limited quantities!
Stay Tuned.............

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  • Can’t wait for this one!

    Carol on
  • What an exciting development! I will be watching closely! Bye the Bye, which one of your scientists drew the penis on the blackboard? I am suspicious that it was the young lady with the smart swing hairstyle giving the stink eye.

    Lea on
  • Can’t wait 😳
    Love ❤️ ❤️ love ❤️

    Star 💫 lata on
  • Preorders?

    Todd Wolf on

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