Posted by Patrick Valenza on

Counterfeit Zammer decks.
Not even a week after release and we’re already seeing pirated copies.
Thank you for not supporting this theft.
It affects all tarot creators in so many negative ways.

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    erin on
  • Ormai è sempre più difficile non imbattersi in un mazzo contraffatto, sono ovunque, anche su piattaforme come Etsy dove non te lo aspetti. Che schifo.

    Silvia on
  • Bad enough AI decks are flooding the market (without a disclaimer that it was created via AI), but Etsy is terrible and Amazon is getting pretty bad. I won’t even buy a deck on eBay anymore. For awhile, I reported counterfeits every time I found them, but apparently, Etsy and Amazon do. Not. Care. Expected for Amazon; disappointing from Etsy.

    Is there anything else we can do besides not buying counterfeits?

    Michael DuVall on
  • Is the deviant moon etsy page legit?

    Brando on
  • Want to purchase the Zamner twins.. I don’t know how..

    Shawn Loreth on

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