1st Edition Zammer Twins Sold Out

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

So, the 1st print run / Premiere Edition is all sold out!
Thank you for your support!
We will be releasing the 2nd edition sometime in September
(This new edition will not have the Z card, nor the 5 bonus cards.
However, we can't wait to fix a little grammatical error on the new box! :)

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  • where is pdf guidebook

    zhd on
  • Z card is a bonus for the first edition. The other 5 are prototypes for the 1st incarnation

    Led on
  • Received my Zammer Twins deck and it’s so awesome! I got a question though: what are the Z card and the 5 bonus cards exactly?

    Daniel Mythcity on
  • Link is inside on the cover cad, FYI

    Glenda on
  • Hello, I’m at a loss as to how to download the pdf file to explain the meanings of the Zammer Twins Oracle. I feel it should be fairly easy to access and it is not. Please advise. Many thanks, Victoria

    Victoria Haponiuk on

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