The Uncanny Rose

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

A previously unknown photograph has come to the attention of Fenwood Asylum, filling some gaps about what we know of Mildred Payne's mother, Rose.

The photo depicts a young Rose (age 16) at what appears to be some sort of dinner, along with two unidentified women.

From the looks of the photo, we now suspect that Rose may have dabbled in witchcraft herself, although we can only speculate on the extent of her powers.

Although we know that she was of gypsy decent, we may be able to piece the puzzle together better once we learn Rose's maiden name.

*Rose was found murdered behind a tool shed in 1926. Neither the culprit nor a motive for the crime has ever surfaced. Our team is working hard to resolve this mystery, as it was the catalyst that drove Mildred mad and eventually sent her to Fenwood.

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  • What the heck is with the hand reaching towards Rose??

    Patrick Archambeau on

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