Claire Identified?

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After scouring the Fenwood Asylum archives for days without rest, we have discovered an intriguing photograph tucked away between two pieces of sandwich bread.

The photo depicts what appears to be Mildred Payne (on viewers left) and an unknown female on the right.  The inscription around this girl reads, "My Darling Claire, 1929". The handwriting matches samples of Mildred's penmanship.

Going by this new information, it appears that Claire may have been an actual person, and not just a doll.

After further investigation, we have uncovered documents stating that there was once an inmate named Claire Parker here at Fenwood who died in 1932 due to an extreme case of tuberculosis. 

The nature of Mildred and Claire's relationship is up for debate, however, no other records have been uncovered up to this point.

Our investigation continues....

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  • So, is this a picture of Mildred and Claire?? Is her name Claire Parker??

    Ashley Brock on
  • Loving this whole story more and more. Can’t wait for the next piece of evidence. Wouldn’t this make a great dark and eerie Gothic type book or movie?

    Madam Sly on

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