The Fenwood Coven of 1933

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Pictured above is the notorious Fenwood Coven of 1933. (Left to right: Hilda, Mariana, Brigitta, and Elena Boszorkány)
These sisters were the 3rd and last generation of witches to terrorized the good citizens of Valley Park.
Only working together could they match the power of Mildred Payne, whom they tried but failed to recruit into their evil circle.
It is believed that this unholy quartet was incinerated in the great Asylum fire of 1933-undoubtedly caused by Mildred herself as retaliation for an unknown offence.
*(On a side note, we have noticed the appearance of a shadowy figure wearing a hat in many of our old photos dealing with Mildred. This mysterious photographer remains unidentified, however, for now we shall simply refer to his presence as "THE MAN")

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  • So if the notorious coven of witches all died in the fire of 1933 then a whole family of sisters (witches) were committed to the asylum.? Why were they in the asylum?

    Gypsy Smithwitch on
  • …Was she, Elena (Ilona?) Hungarian by any chance? :D

    Creafae on

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