Oliver Irving- "Burn Boy"

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One of the most bizarre residents of Valley Park was Oliver Irving, known to the locals as "Burn Boy".

Horribly disfigured while attempting to set a barn fire in 1919, this wretched child became a town outcast. The mere sight of his melted grimace caused even the bravest men to turn there heads away in fright.

Regardless of his mutilated face, Oliver found acceptance by crafting a various collection of papier-mâché masks to conceal his ghastly deformities, and soon became a form of freakish entertainment to the townsfolk.

Each mask he wore brought out different personalities in Oliver. Sometimes he was a jester, an old man, or even a sweet innocent girl.

Strangely enough, whenever Oliver wore his DEATH MASK, unexplained MURDERS took place here in Valley Park.


 Oliver Irving before his tragedy-Our Angel

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  • I love the denizens of the world you’ve created. The creativity and your macabre sense of humor always brings a smile to my face.


    Jeff on
  • Patrick, you are a genius. I need more on Burn Boy. Happy Thanksgiving

    Dory on

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