The Fenwood Coven of 1913

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New clues have surfaced following the exhumation of our misunderstood heroine, Mildred Payne. In this recently discovered photo, we see 4 mysterious members of what was known as "The Fenwood Coven".

These women were rumored responsible for a series of unsolved murders in the Valley Park, Foster's Meadow Township, however, no conclusive evidence of them being involve in a crime was ever produced.

How these vile witches came to know Mildred is yet unknown.

As always, our investigation continues....

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  • Who’s to say that they were evil, just because they were witches? Maybe those murders were justified…

    Kristina on
  • I can’t wait to be able to buy Mildred’s new deck and see what secrets it might hold about these ladies!

    ashley brock on

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