No Shortage HERE!

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

No Shortage HERE!

Fenwood Asylum has PLENTY of MASKS! 


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  • The world has gone insane. The 1% have decreed that there must be a reset and a population reduction. The Covid 19 plandemic and the riots are part of the plan to destabilize society so that they can implement order out of chaos. The masks and “social distancing” are psychological torture meant to weaken people and turn them against each other. Next comes the mandatory vaccines containing the micro chip which will track and control you. Open your eyes so that you will not be one of those thrown into the wood chipper of life.

    Mr. Lucky on
  • I do believe in wearing a mask in public, I wish mine looked like what those darling children have on. They so festive and you are a doll for sharing .

    Lea McConnell on
  • HA! That’s awesome.

    Amber on

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