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The creation of the Deviant Moon Oracle is well underway!

Based on an eclipse, this new deck will be published by U.S. Games in 2019.

The cards will be slightly shorter than its predecessor, and slightly wider, as well!

(SPOILER ALERT! The deck MAY have a PARADOXICAL counterpart!

For the first wave of cards, I am canalizing an old abandoned deck.

Above is a working sketch for "The Twins" with some vector points plotted out.

Below is a shape-block-out for card #6 "The Cyclist"..
(This little egg-boy almost became the 6 of Swords in the Deviant Moon Tarot and has been waiting over 25 years to find a home in one of my decks.)

Want MORE spoilers?


Here's one.......

MIDNIGHT, who appeared in the Deviant Moon Tarot  2 of Cups, will make her encore in the new oracle!

The deck "should" be finished this Spring, with a few more month for US games to work their magic!

Thanks so much for your support!

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