The Maiden-Trionfi Della Luna Original Ink/signed

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $145.00

The Maiden

‘Original Ink Drawing’

Directly used in the creation of the deck.

VII. The Maiden
A hooded maiden holds a small pet in her palm, gazing into its eyes with devotion. In time, the tiny creature will grow gigantic and powerful, but until then it is dependent on the young girl for its every need. The maiden protects the creature against negative influences by keeping the darker side of life (represented by her devilish hood) turned away.
Nurturing something vulnerable. Custodianship. Responsibilities. Being someone’s role model. Having someone to look up to.
Setting poor examples. Irresponsibility. Neglect. Abandonment.

8x11 inches-Acid free paper

Rare OOAK offering

Signed 2016 Patrick Valenza 

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