The Falling Woman-Ink Drawing-Oracle of Black Enchantment

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $125.00

Oracle of Black Enchantment
"The Falling Woman" #34
Original Ink Drawing (OOAK)
Patrick Valenza
Original Ink Artwork used in the creation of the deck.
One of a Kind!
Signed & dated by tarot creator Patrick Valenza
Piece measures 8 x 11 inches!
(See photo!)
Patrick Valenza, creator of the Deviant Moon Tarot & its Marseilles styled cousin, the Trionfi Della Luna,
 has opened the Fenwood Asylum vault to bring you this rare art offering!


A woman tumbles from her high balcony and plummets helplessly through the night. With nothing to stop her fall, she will surely die once she hits the hard ground below.

Dark Meaning:
Helplessness or insecurity. Losing control and succumbing to your fate. Anxiety.

Light Meaning:
A time to let go and trust, regardless of a seemingly hopeless situation. Accepting that which you cannot control.

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