#40-The Outing-Ink Drawing-Oracle of Black Enchantment

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Oracle of Black Enchantment
"The Outing" #40
Original Ink Drawing (OOAK)
Patrick Valenza
Original Ink Artwork used in the creation of the deck.
One of a Kind!
Signed & dated by tarot creator Patrick Valenza
Piece measures 8 x 11 inches!
A diabolical quartet strolls across the countryside, however, some enjoyed the day more than others.
Dark Meaning:
Antagonistic behavior. A bully. A prankster. Showing off at someone's expense. Trying to impress others.
Light Meaning:
Making the best of a hurtful situation. Having a sense of humor. Flirtation.
(See photo!)
Patrick Valenza, creator of the Deviant Moon Tarot & its Marseilles styled cousin, the Trionfi Della Luna,
 has opened the Fenwood Asylum vault to bring you this rare art offering!


Storm could overrun the sky as rain downpours across the land, causing a deluge that will drown both saints and sinners.

Dark Meaning:
Feelings of deep emotional overwhelm. Being unable to keep up. Helplessness. A profoundly daunting situation.

Light Meaning:
Cleansing your spirit and emotions. Washing away something old so you can start anew.

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