#21 The Attack-Ink Drawing-Oracle of Black Enchantment

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $145.00

Oracle of Black Enchantment
"The Attack" #21
Original Ink Drawing (OOAK)
Patrick Valenza
Original Ink Artwork used in the creation of the deck.
One of a Kind!
Signed & dated by tarot creator Patrick Valenza
Piece measures 8 x 11 inches!
(See photo!)
Patrick Valenza, creator of the Deviant Moon Tarot & its Marseilles styled cousin, the Trionfi Della Luna,
 has opened the Fenwood Asylum vault to bring you this rare art offering!



A pack of terrifying lions maul a demon, intent on ripping him to shreds. Though he may struggle to fight back, the demon is no match for the beasts.

Dark Meaning:
An overwhelming assault. A vicious attack. Being ganged up on. Fighting multiple foes.

Light Meaning:
Using everything you have to attack a problem. No mercy. Being relentless

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