Patrick Valenza’s “Unhistorical Playing Cards” Sept 25

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $12.00

The Unhistorical Playing Cards
 Long forgotten and hidden for “centuries”? (Maybe!)
This rare deck was either influenced by antique decks or it influenced them all itself—-(The Debate Rages!)
Rumored to have been created circa 1898 (or just last month-we have no sense of time here!)
Further speculation states that the deck was mostly created using the artist’s non dominant hand while recovering from wrist surgery! (Heck, he would likely of used his feet if he had to!)
54 Unhistorical playing cards-includes 2 jokers!
Special preorder offering includes 4 additional KNIGHTS!
(These heroic promo cards will be discontinued once the deck officially starts shipping in Late August- Mid Sept!)
we estimate a September 1 ship date. As always, we will keep you updated. 

Please note: Orders including other items will not ship until these decks are ready.

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