Mildred's Secret Pocket Oracle DELUXE Edition! (SHIPS EST. JANUARY 5 2024)

Mildred's Secret Pocket Oracle DELUXE Edition! (SHIPS EST. JANUARY 5 2024)

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $38.00

Have you heard the bewitching tale of

Mildred "The Red Witch" Payne?

In 2017, Asylum workers discovered an old hospital gown hidden inside a wall.

"MILDRED" was written on the inside collar.

Upon further examination of the garment, the workers were surprised to find a tiny pocket sewn into the underside, containing a crude yet mysterious handmade set of oracle cards.

As requested, Mildred's world-famous Pocket Oracle has been SUPERSIZED!
Bigger Cards=Bigger Readings!
You won't believe your EYES!
Updated playing card size measures 6.4cm x 8.9cm (2.5" x 3.5")

Click here for the SÉANCE EDITION!

Young Mildred is thought to have created her childlike yet fascinating oracle circa 1928 while a patient at Fenwood Asylum.
*(Her father committed her into the facility, believing her to be insane for talking with imaginary friends.)
While at Fenwood, Mildred never stopped contacting her “friends” with her handmade oracle.
*(Fellow inmates called her “Millie the Red Witch”)
Mildred kept her tiny deck hidden from authorities in a secret pocket.
*(Although her fate is unknown to this day, some think Mildred perished in the Great Asylum Fire of 1933. Others are convinced she started the blaze!)

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