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Researchers at Fenwood Asylum have discovered  the only known photo of ROSE PAYNE, mother of Mildred, who was murdered by an unknown assailant in 1926.

 It is reported that Mildred's connection with the spirit realm intensified to an unhealthy obsession after finding her mothers mutilated corpse behind the tool shed. 

After combing the Valley Park and Asylum archives, this is what we have learned so far:

*Rose Payne (née Unknown): Born 1888 - Died Tragically 1926

*Possible Gypsy heritage. 

*Withdrawn personality-No known acquaintances.

*Reported as mentally unstable--possible onset of mid-life schizophrenia. 

*Avid Tarot Reader

*Joined in (Un)Holy Matrimony 1910 to Wallace Payne (Died.-1933, Apparent Suicide)--Photo Unavailable
It has been reported that Mildred had a strong bond with her mother and never recovered from her untimely death. She sought answers to the murder via her "ghostly" friends, but it is unknown whether she ever solved the mystery. 

Her father, unable to control Mildred's blossoming supernatural talents, had her committed to Fenwood in 1928.

That was his biggest mistake.......

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  • Hey, Mother Rose sounds like ‘Moth’, right? And Moth is a kind of symbol representing mother in certain culture. Just my stupid guess….

    YOYO on
  • she is so pretty! I hope there are more photos found of her, and of Mildred’s father.

    ashley brock on
  • The plot thickens! Spooky!

    Stacey on

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