Madame Thoza

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Madame Thoza is considered the 1st witch of Valley Park and founder of the notorious "Fenwood Coven".

Known for her "STARE of DEATH", she utterly controlled her subordinates through a twisted form of demonic hypnosis. 

Madame Thoza truly was the ALPHA-WITCH...until Rose Payne, one of her most promising disciples, disobeyed and challenged her authority in 1913.

The result was a cursed pregnancy for young Rose, leading to the birth of her legendary daughter, Mildred.....

Blessed with unparalleled gifts from the netherworld, it would be young Mildred who would one day bring an end to Thoza's reign of horror.

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  • What was Mildreds deformity?
    What happened to Madame Thoza?
    Is there any tours of Fenwood?
    Blessings Be.

    Gypsy Smithwitch on
  • Mildred had a deformity? Was it Madame Thoza who killed Rose?
    So many unanswered questions…what goes on in the dark must surely come to light!

    Stella on

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