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A previously unknown photograph has surfaced here at Fenwood Asylum! It gives us a rare glimpse into the Seance Parlor which once belonged to our tragic heroine, Mildred Payne.

Among many bizarre curiosities pictured, one can see the old chair she used to connect with spirits while under trance.

Hovering over the side of the chair is what seems to be a faceless dwarf-like figure. We are unsure of the identity of this being, and some here at the Asylum speculate that in may be a phantom...What is YOUR theory?

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  • Perhaps it’s a spirit that Mildred had called forth.
    However since Mildred has long passed away, the entity can’t travel back to where it came from.
    Now it’s cursed to dwell on the physical earth and to never rest again.

    John w. on
  • Could be a spirit wanting to connect and has picked up on the energy in the seance palor? Perhaps it is Mildred spirit in her childhood form as Ashley suggested?

    Loulou on
  • ghost, or maybe Mildred as a child? it’s hard to tell in this photo.

    ashley brock on

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