Mildred's Letter (Booster Pack -15 New Cards)

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $16.00

15 Card BOOSTER Pack
Haunting letter written by Mildred to her broken doll, Claire.
*Requires Original deck of Mildreds Oracle
This reproduction of Mildred Payne’s lost letter to her doll, Clair, includes:
*Lino-printed winged skull on envelope. (Just like the real one we discovered!)
*A REVEALING copy of of Mildred’s note. (Written on Halloween, 1933!)
*15 previously unknown cards to enhance your trusted copy of Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle! (HALLELUJAH!)
*And as a special bonus, we will include a little school portrait of poor Mildred. (Those eyes!)
Cards measure 1.75''X2.5'' (44.45mm×63.5mm)

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