MILDRED'S BLACK PACK-15 Card EXPANSION (May 15th Ship date)

Deviant Moon Inc

  • $15.15

One rainy night in 2019, an unknown knock was heard on the service porch door here at Fenwood Asylum.

Upon answering the call and finding no one to be seen, our servant discovered a small mysterious black envelope lying on the stone steps.

The black envelope was quickly taken into the library and examined by our top necromancers.

Inside, they discovered a long lost spell sheet, no doubt created by MILDRED "The Red Witch" PAYNE, along with 15 previously UNKNOWN cards from her infamous SECRET POCKET ORACLE!

We at Fenwood really thought that the LAST cards were accounted for, but MILDRED'S MUSE keeps poking us at night!

So here they are, faithfully recreated for your reading enjoyment and discovery!

*15 newly discovered Secret Pocket Oracle Cards (#70-84)
*Comes inside Black Envelope/ Wrapped in cryptic Spell Sheet!
(May 15th Ship date)


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