The First 8 Cards....

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

The first 8 cards of The Deviant Moon Oracle are complete! I will be creating them in groups of 8, all the way to 56. From here on, we are going into "stealth Mode", so as not to reveal any more spoilers! Deck completion est: Summer, 2019

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  • Utter Magic! I cannot wait till this Oracle is completed. One may think Tarot decks encompass at a more sophisticated level, yet I can attest Oracle decks are just as deep—yet almost as if they channel in a primordial level that the mind cannot even conceive. While Tarot is instincts and intellect, the Oracle is beyond supernatural in its efficacy—it truly contacts the subconscious at the bottom of the Mind’s Marina Trench, where things live, not even one is aware of. Maestro Valenza is has all cylinders firing on Pure Brilliance again. Bravissimo!

    Doc Alexander on

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