The First 8 Cards....

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

The first 8 cards of The Deviant Moon Oracle are complete! I will be creating them in groups of 8, all the way to 56. From here on, we are going into "stealth Mode", so as not to reveal any more spoilers! Deck completion est: Summer, 2019

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  • I think a preorder is a fantastic idea!! I’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing for this oracle since it was first mentioned.

    The Old Crow on
  • All of Patrick’s work is exquisite and this new deck looks fantastic! Longtim Deviant Moon fan and collector. Can’t wait for this new Oracle!

    Todd Landman on
  • OMG this is glorious. I wasn’t interested in any of the Mildred Payne stuff – but this? GIVE ME THIS ORACLE DECK NOW.

    Samhita on
  • Do u have any more of these left? I wanted to order a set

    Myra Leal on
  • These are amazing. I just ordered a set of your Abandoned Oracle cards, and will be saving my money for the finished deck. Your work is stunning and allegorical.

    Gale Hamby on

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