The First 8 Cards....

Posted by Patrick Valenza on

The first 8 cards of The Deviant Moon Oracle are complete! I will be creating them in groups of 8, all the way to 56. From here on, we are going into "stealth Mode", so as not to reveal any more spoilers! Deck completion est: Summer, 2019

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  • PLEASE……..give us a preorder option. I’ve been obsessively checking for updates. Give a girl some peace of mind!!!!

    Samantha Maroudis on
  • The Deviant Moon Oracle.
    Where can we order now?

    Josy on
  • How do I preorder this? I don’t see the option anywhere.

    Kate on
  • Magnifique.. superbe travail, hate !! Hope french version of deviant moon tarot, book and oracle, it’ll be great really !!! Pleaaaaaasse :)

    Nölk on
  • Bonjour,
    Il est super j,attend avec impatience sa sorti j’ai pense que en va avoir le pré -commende Merci et Bonne journée

    luczycka on

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